Analyzing motherboard crisis and giving appropriate solutions


The arrangement by this company is done in five broad categories to make customers choose a suitable one for them. International service group, sertek, semiconductor, information products and peripherals assembly. It applied a new business model, became a designer from the manufacturer, slowly became the marketer and later on, the distributor of products. From a small smartphone to a big desktop, it has been imputing its services laboriously to the users. There is no denying of fact that it is the sixth largest personal computer vendor in the world. The details would be still less, so, ahead towards Acer  Technical Support.

 As far as I am concerned, its motherboard has several issues which are the priciest thing to fix. Along with it, RAM and processor are also in need of repair or replace. You can test by checking whether it is recognizing peripherals plugged in, slow processing shows the quality is getting poor day by day, not identifying monitors or flash drives, burning smell or sign on it or leakage of capacitors.

See if computer passes POST and boots OS-

  1. There could be a memory failure that could be tested by running diagnostic tool.
  2. CPU failure can also be the reason for the instability and can be checked by Intel processor diagnose.
  3. Ensure that there is a sufficient power supply with the accurate voltage that is needed.
  4. Improper cooling could also become one such cause for the failure of this.
  5. Check the temperature inside the machine.

System doesn’t Post On Self Test

  1. Make sure all the components are arranged properly.
  2. Fans are spinning, a color of the LED indicator is green will clear your doubts.
  3. Listen to the beeping errors.
  4. In some cases, the power supply is running bad.
  5. Reset the CMOS boards by removing the battery.
  6. Replace the motherboard and if you an afford, buy a new desktop.
  7. All your data must be recovered with the BIOS settings.

If you are not satisfied with the steps recommended, call Acer Tech Support Number to talk with our brilliant engineers available entire seven days for your help.

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