Analyzing motherboard crisis and giving appropriate solutions


The arrangement by this company is done in five broad categories to make customers choose a suitable one for them. International service group, sertek, semiconductor, information products and peripherals assembly. It applied a new business model, became a designer from the manufacturer, slowly became the marketer and later on, the distributor of products. From a small smartphone to a big desktop, it has been imputing its services laboriously to the users. There is no denying of fact that it is the sixth largest personal computer vendor in the world. The details would be still less, so, ahead towards Acer  Technical Support.

 As far as I am concerned, its motherboard has several issues which are the priciest thing to fix. Along with it, RAM and processor are also in need of repair or replace. You can test by checking whether it is recognizing peripherals plugged in, slow processing shows the quality is getting poor day by day, not identifying monitors or flash drives, burning smell or sign on it or leakage of capacitors.

See if computer passes POST and boots OS-

  1. There could be a memory failure that could be tested by running diagnostic tool.
  2. CPU failure can also be the reason for the instability and can be checked by Intel processor diagnose.
  3. Ensure that there is a sufficient power supply with the accurate voltage that is needed.
  4. Improper cooling could also become one such cause for the failure of this.
  5. Check the temperature inside the machine.

System doesn’t Post On Self Test

  1. Make sure all the components are arranged properly.
  2. Fans are spinning, a color of the LED indicator is green will clear your doubts.
  3. Listen to the beeping errors.
  4. In some cases, the power supply is running bad.
  5. Reset the CMOS boards by removing the battery.
  6. Replace the motherboard and if you an afford, buy a new desktop.
  7. All your data must be recovered with the BIOS settings.

If you are not satisfied with the steps recommended, call Acer Tech Support Number to talk with our brilliant engineers available entire seven days for your help.

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How To Use Your Acer Built-In Camera For Photography

All those people who love photography, built-in camera is a boon for them. They can use the camera for photography purpose and various other things such as videography and video conferencing. To use the camera you should know how to operate it. You can use your camera for two things.

Acer laptop support number

One for taking photographs and pictures, while other is for shooting or creating video. If you are interested in taking photos and clicking pictures then follow the steps given by Acer tech support phone number Australia 1-800-894-139. These steps will guide you to take pictures and if any issue occurs then contact Acer tech support number. They will analyse your problem and will resolve the issues without wasting any time.

  • First, go to ‘Start’ and ‘My Computer’. Click on the option ‘Acer crystal Eye’ webcam. The new window will appear in which you will see yourself. Now, the camera is enabled and is ready to click pictures and still photos.
  • Under the ‘Camera tasks’, click on ‘Take a new picture’. You can check the image before clicking as the preview of the image will be seen under the webcam.
  • To view the picture, double click on it in Windows picture. From here you can change the print, orientation, can make a slideshow and can easily copy the photos to other parts of the computer. A help icon is present in deep.

These steps will allow you to take pictures easily. Now, you can make the full use of the camera by clicking photos in your own styles. If any issue occurs while taking photos then straight away call the Acer helpline number Australia 1-800-894-139. They have the resolution to almost all the issues related to the Acer. So, call their helpline number if any issue occurs in your Acer system.

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Acer Support Australia: Providing The Perfect Care For Your Computer

In today’s world, personal computers and laptops exist in abundance. Work has become seemingly impossible without the use of these modern-day marvels. Any problems that you may encounter concerning your computer can make your day utterly miserable. That is why, at our Acer support Australia, we offer the best care and service, when it comes to your Acer computer. The most common problems that are seen in Acer computers are:

• Hard drive overheating
• RAM failures
• Failure to boot
• Screen blackouts
• Failure to detect hard drive
• Unresponsive USB ports etc.

At our support center for Acer, no matter what the issue is, we strive to provide the all-inclusive service concerning your Acer computer. We offer some premium benefits to our esteemed customers who opt for our Acer support in Australia:

Efficient and timely services

Our services will provide you the aptest and suitable solution for your computer problems. We will make sure that you get the services delivered on time.

Expert care

All our personnel have the skills and expertise to solve any and every problem that your Acer computer may encounter.

Experience 24×7 service

We provide our services 24 hours and seven days of the week. Now you can get your computer related issues fixed at any time of the day.

Service via phone

We have a toll-free number through which you can avail our services in an instant. We will guide you every step of the way to fix your computer problem.

Reasonable pricing

The services we offer are available at affordable prices. It is guaranteed that the rates will make you happy.

Wide variety of service

The broad assortment of services we offer will take care of all your computer related worries.

No matter whatever be the issue effecting your Acer laptop, our Acer support Australia has got the skill set to solve them and the proper facilities to implement them. We offer you the best computer care in Australia.

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