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Acer support Number

If you happen to own an Acer Computer, then you would know how amazing this system can be. With constant development it its technologies, Acer now provides a computers for every need. These variants include; The Aspire One, the Predator, the Swift, and the Helios. While there are many other systems, it is the mentioned ones that always catch the eye. All these machines come with their own sets of robust features. While the hardware might be different, the software that operates them remains the same. This similarity gives rise to the most common software issues for which proper support is warranted.

Acer Support Australia is team of technical experts who are able to determine the root cause of such issues and henceforth provide fast and appropriate solutions. The assistance team employs the services of the best engineers, with the best live chat experts and remote service providers. This diversity enables us to provide you with the best and the most appropriate solutions.

Our services cater to fast responses

Software troubleshoot can either really easy to deal with or really typical. But, in both these situations you can expect a lot of time consumption. Therefore, Acer technical Support has dedicated the entirety of our services to provide you with not just complete, but quick solutions as well. These services entail a round.

  1. We provide a toll free number: In order to encourage maximum engagement with the users, we provide a toll free contact. This way a client can discuss the issues of their computer system in a calm and collected manner. Furthermore, it would avail us to get to the root cause of the malfunctions in a faster manner.
  2. Live chat Support: Going with the times, we now provide a more engaging live chat support to our clients. The live chat experts are comprehensive and quick in their fixes and therefore won’t let you down.
  3. Remote technical Assistance: in case the software issues are a bit too much to handle for the users, our remote engineers perform the appropriate troubleshoots on their behalf. This is done by applying a two way handshake with the remote systems and once that is successful, our engineers take the control of the user’s system and perform the requisite fixes.
  4. 24×7 Support: As the software issues tend to be unpredictable, we provide round the clock support to the users. With this service, you won’t have to wait to get a hold of our technicians, you can contact us at any time you require our assistance.
    These services are provided to you with the highest level of professionalism. Additionally, considering the many issues an Acer laptop entails, these facilities are indeed required.

Our solutions are complete

Every model of Acer laptop suffers from pretty much the same issues. While most of them are related to the operating system, some of them are because of factory utilities that the brand provides. Therefore, we provide the following fixesAssistance with operating system installation.

  1. Assistance with operating system installation
  2. Help with third party software installation
  3. Proper factory restore in case the system is corrupted
  4. Assistance with Password recovery
  5. Installing of licensed antivirus application
  6. Removal of malware, spyware and ransomware
  7. Operating system upgrades
  8. Fixing the blue screen of death error
  9. Applying Acer eRecovery manager to factory reset

These solutions tend to take a little more time if a layman attempts then, but with help of our technical experts these fixes tend to be a lot faster.

Why choose us?

The most obvious reason to choose us is our fast response and through fixes. But the reasons go far beyond than them. We have inculcated the basic values of professionalism, integrity and courtesy in our experts. These traits have allowed us to afford the following:

  1. Full satisfaction to our customers: Due to the professionalism that our experts display, they are extremely persistence with their fixes. Meaning, they won’t leave the chat until and unless the issues are fully resolved and a client is complete satisfied.
  2. No Fix-No fees: In case you are not satisfied our services or our attitude, you are in under no obligation to pay us.
  3. Courteous assistance: we make sure that your issues are resolved in a calm and collective manner. Therefore, our customer service representatives are especially courteous towards the clients that call us.

When you combine these traits with our talent, experience, services and solutions, you get a perfect reason as to why we should be your first choice.

How to contact us?

You can get in touch with us either using our live chat application or through Acer Support Number 1-800-958-239 It does not matter what method you choose to call us, be assured that the best technicians would handle the issues and provide you with optimal solutions in minimum amount of time.

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How To Use Your Acer Built-In Camera For Photography

All those people who love photography, built-in camera is a boon for them. They can use the camera for photography purpose and various other things such as videography and video conferencing. To use the camera you should know how to operate it. You can use your camera for two things.

Acer laptop support number

One for taking photographs and pictures, while other is for shooting or creating video. If you are interested in taking photos and clicking pictures then follow the steps given by Acer tech support phone number Australia 1-800-894-139. These steps will guide you to take pictures and if any issue occurs then contact Acer tech support number. They will analyse your problem and will resolve the issues without wasting any time.

  • First, go to ‘Start’ and ‘My Computer’. Click on the option ‘Acer crystal Eye’ webcam. The new window will appear in which you will see yourself. Now, the camera is enabled and is ready to click pictures and still photos.
  • Under the ‘Camera tasks’, click on ‘Take a new picture’. You can check the image before clicking as the preview of the image will be seen under the webcam.
  • To view the picture, double click on it in Windows picture. From here you can change the print, orientation, can make a slideshow and can easily copy the photos to other parts of the computer. A help icon is present in deep.

These steps will allow you to take pictures easily. Now, you can make the full use of the camera by clicking photos in your own styles. If any issue occurs while taking photos then straight away call the Acer helpline number Australia 1-800-894-139. They have the resolution to almost all the issues related to the Acer. So, call their helpline number if any issue occurs in your Acer system.

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